Anti-CRT bill won’t do what Republicans say it will

Mar 19, 2023 | Opinion, Sourced


In February, Republicans in the North Carolina State House filed House Bill 187. Bill sponsors call it the “Equality in Education Bill” and say it would protect our children from Critical Race Theory. But this bill is a covert way to flatten our state’s history into a one-dimensional, easy-to-swallow pill, leaving no room for the triumphs and victories of people who fought hardest for the democracy and society we have today.

Around the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh are photos of our state’s previous classes of lawmakers and legislative leaders. Through the years, you can see a visual representation of progress in our society — portraits of white men slowly bring in women and people of color as time goes on. But none of the people in any leadership position, through all the years, were Black, until me.